What if I have never been before?

  • The majority of our participants have never been on a zip line course before. Your guides will teach a basic orientation and training session before we embark out to the actual course and may teach you additional skills as the tour progresses. The training “Ground School” session includes a short zip just a few feet off the ground, so you should be more comfortable with what it feels like to be online before you get out onto the actual course.

What are the Participant Requirments?

  • Every participant is required to sign a Liability & Release Waiver and assume all risks involved while on tour.
  • Participants under the age of 18 must have a signed waiver by a parent.
  • Closed toed shoes are required for proper foot protection.
  • The zip line tour is designed for use by participants of average physical condition and who are in reasonably good health. There a few moderate hikes along the tour on remote trails of varied incline. Each participant must be able to complete the hikes. The trails are approximately as challenging as walking four flights of stairs.
  • The required participant weight range for both the Classic and Extreme course is 50 (75 Extreme) to 250 pounds. Please call if you have any questions. 719 275 7238
  • The recommended minimum age is 8 years old. Children between the ages of 8 – 15 must be accompanied by an adult, but must be able to participate independently of the adult.
  • Each participant must be physically able to control the speed of their travel along the zip lines by tensioning the zip line cable with gloved hand. (Basic zip line skills will be taught prior to your actual tour in the “ground school’ and guides may teach you additional techniques as the tour progresses.)
  • Each participant must be able pull themselves along the zip cable a few feet in the event they lose momentum before reaching any given landing platform.
  • Pregnant women, people with heart, leg, or spinal problems, or other serious illnesses will not be allowed to participate in the tour.
  • No one under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or impairing legal drugs, will be allowed to participate in the tour.
  • Royal Gorge Zip Line Tours reserves the right to exclude anyone from participation for medical, safety, or other reasons we deem to not be conducive to a zip line tour.

How much does the tour cost?

  • Our 2 hour tour on the Classic Course is $89.00 per person + 10% fees
  • Our 3 hour tour on the Extreme Course is $139.00 per person + 10% fees
  • Rafting and Zip packages are available April thru September, please call for prices. (719) 275 7238

What is your cancellation policy?

  • Cancellations are less a $15.00 per person cancellation fee. The remainder of the deposit is refundable if we are given 10 days advance notice. Groups of 10 or more require a 30 day notice. Unless you have purchased our Worry Free Cancellation at the time of your reservation.
  • No shows and cancellations within 10 days of trip departure are not eligible for refunds. (We will allow a one time trip change within the same year based upon availability if your change is requested outside of 10 days.)
  • The default cancellation for an online reservation includes our optional Worry Free Cancellation which provides greater flexability through the following:

Are reservations required?

  • Reservations are always recommended. We limit our group size to 8 participants per departure every 30 minutes. This enables us to provide you with the best possible experience. If you do not have a reservation, we will always do our best to accommodate you based upon our availability. (Larger groups may run with closer departure times i.e. every 20 minutes)

What if we miss our reservation time?

  • Guests are required to arrive at least 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Refunds will not be issued for late arrivals. If you fail to meet your departure time, we still incur all of the same expenses, and may have turned others away from our tours to accommodate your group. Given the circumstances we do not refund no-shows the day of the trip.

How long does it take to complete the tour?

  • Either zip line course the Extreme or Classic can run up to 3 hours round trip. Our rafting and zip line packages can take up to 8 hours including lunch.

What should I wear?

  • You will need to wear close-toed shoes (such as tennis shoes). Wear comfortable clothing, but please avoid loose clothing (no scarves, etc.). Long hair will need to be tied back. Women should not wear skirts. Short shorts are not recommended, as they are not as comfortable while wearing your harness. Dress for the forecasted weather. We do operate in the rain, so please be prepared. Jewelry, cell phones and wallets are best left locked up at our base location. we would like you to avoid losing your valued items along the tour. We recommend that you leave valuables at home or locked in your car. Royal Gorge Zip Line Tours is not responsible for property lost, damaged, or stolen during your tour.

What equipment will I wear on the course?

  • You will be fitted with a seat harness and chest harness, a trolley system, 2 lanyards with secure clips, gloves, and a helmet. The equipment is similar to rock climbing equipment, but specifically designed for a zip line course.

Do you operate in the rain?

  • We conduct our tours rain or shine. However, the course will be closed if there is lightning in the vicinity. We will also close the course for extreme winds. Advance notice may not be possible. If we know in advance that we will be closed we will try to notify you asap. If your tour is cancelled due to weather, you may rebook for another time, or we will refund the purchase price of your tour.
  • Discontinued tours are offered either full or partial refund depending on location of your tour along the zip line course at time of weather cancellation.
  • Please dress appropriately. Rain jackets and/or pants are great! Ponchos, due to their bulky nature cannot be worn with our issued gear.

How Safe is Zip Lining?

  • All adventure activities posses certain inherent risks. We have taken numerous steps to mitigate inherent risks. Our course was built by Bonsai Designs, Inc. and meets or exceeds the industry guidelines set by the Association for Challenge Course Technology. Our guides all complete a intensive training and certification program. You will be required to complete our “ground school” setting where you learn the basics of zip lining prior to actually zipping the course.

What if I am afraid of heights?

  • It is not uncommon to have a fear of heights. Many people that have a fear of heights are easily able to enjoy our zip line tour. You will be double-clipped to a steel cable at all times when you are zipping. Our guides are trained to assist you along the way and will be with you every step of the way to answer your questions, and provide additional support. If really needed, they may even give you a hug. (A point of reference - Jimmy, a partner in Royal Gorge Zip Line tours doesn't favor heights but zipping doesn't bother him at all.)

Can I zip if I'm pregnant?

  • There is too much at risk to conduct a zip line tour or a rafting trip with pregnant participants.

What if I zip during the winter months?

Please be aware that during the winter months the temperature can be cold although we are in a high desert climate, so it is not uncommon to hit 50 degrees in December! Zip lining in the winter is still a lot fun if you are prepared for it. We recommend that your wear skiing attire id it is a colder day. The key is to always dress for the weather, its really that simple.

  • Winter socks
  • Long underwear
  • Ski Pants or Shell
  • Glove liners (full gloves will not fit under the gloves you will be required to wear to zip)
  • Fleece or wool top
  • Ski jacket or Shell
  • Face mask (if very cold)
  • Warm cap

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 719 275 7238.

Where do we check in?

*All winter tours (Oct thru March) depart from our Outpost location in Canon City located at:

Royal Gorge Zipline Tours Outpost
302 Royal Gorge Blvd
Canon City CO 81212

*All summer tours (April thru September) from our Base location:

Royal Gorge Rafting & Zip Line Tours
45045 US Hwy 50 West
Canon City CO 81212

What if I have more questions?

  • Just contact us at or call us at 719 275 7238

How does a zip line work?