ExtremeZip Line Tours

North America's Fastest Zip Line Course! Featuring the World's 1st quickJump Free Fall Device!

"Roller Coasters never seemed so tame!" Zip along on the fastest zip line tour in Colorado. The Extreme Zip Line Tour features 11 amazing lines reaching speeds of 55mph! Our longest line on this course spans over a third of a mile long at 1700 feet! The final line of the course is a 1200 foot double race line that terminates in a 70 foot tower. From the tower you will notice two ways down. The World's first “Flight Line” Free Fall Belay Device off the tower or the True Blue / Deus belay system.

Have you ever wanted to have a James Bond experience? Race down a zip line cable at speeds of 50+ mph? Belay or jump! off of a 7 story tower? Hike along precipitous high mountain trails? Saunter through the evening with dangerously alluring women? Now is your chance!

Extreme Course Factoids...

  • 11 zip lines in totaling over 2 miles of zip line cable. creating one of North Americas longest courses!
  • Longest line spans over 1/3 of a mile! (1700 feet or 1/3 of our Classic Course with the highest line 120 feet from ground level).
  • Finish on two 1200' side by side racing lines ending aloft a 7 story tower. From the hightop you can experience the rush of the World’s First Flight Line Free Fall device or choose to ease at a steady pace via the True Blue / Deus belay device.
  • Fastest zip line course on the North American Continent! reaching speeds of 60 mph (depending on prevailing wind).
  • Moderate hiking via 2/3’s of a mile of trails with a few sustained trails that will elevate your heart rate.
  • $139.00 per person for the zip line adventure of a life time!
  • Participants need to weigh between 75 to 250 lbs for the Extreme Course.

"Ground School"

Both of our courses start out at a ground school line where your guides teach you the proper technique for zip lining. Your guides will prepare you so that you are confident in your skills and ready to fly into the aventure that lies ahead.

Line 1

After Ground School we take a short hike to the "Abagail Line". This line eases you into the course where you will be able to test your ground school techniques. A beautiful line sneaking through the local pinon and juniper trees. There are amazing views of the Arkansas River to West from this line.

Line 2

From landing at Belle you make a turn on the platform and find your self zipping back through the pinons and junipers across to the landing of Clementine.

Line 3

After another short hike and you will find your self at the edge of an amazing rock launch where you jump into the sky and zip across to the Emma platform. The course is starting to step up in speed up at this point. Enjoy more incredible views overlooking the Arkansas River where you may see a few local rafting outfitters passing by.

Line 4

After a short wrap around hike through the unique Morrison sandstone you will come upon the Flora launch tower. From here you reach a high point with views to East and West overlooking Parkdale Canyon. Launching across to the Jane landing.

Line 5

After revisiting the first water station along the short hike to Hattie, get ready to zip across the valley to Ingrid. The platform at Hattie affords views of our crown jewel, the big zip yet to come.

Line 6

Hope you brought your hiking shoes! The hike from Ingris to Gabbie is our first sizeable hike. You'll be rewarded with yet another water station, an up close look at "The Big One," and an awesome zip from Gabbie to Kate. Launch from the ground, and land in a tower on this fast one. This zip will leave you "gabbing!"

Line 7

If the last hike had you breathing hard, rest easy! For the next zip you won't have to hike at all. Zip into Kate, and out from the same perch, on your way to Lara, and one step closer to the course's highest point.

Line 8

Craggy high desert views with an incredible precipitous launch site- don't trip! This line has high exposure combined with views of the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park to the South making for a dramatic launch point. This is our highest zip, and it's all downhill from here!

Line 9

After landing at Nancy, a short walk takes you back to a water station, and to Olivia, the launch for our Big Zip. At 1700' long, this line will propel you up to 55mph- this is one of the fastest zip lines in North America!

Line 10

From the landing of the big zip, walk 30 feet to Quiana, the launch of our next zip. This line runs over a deep ravine cut through the uplifted Morrison sandstone. Deep in this ravine is a closed mineshaft that today houses hundreds of bats that the State Division of Wildlife studies. Enjoy your second to last zip, and hone your skills for the upcoming race!

Line 11

The Dual Race Line! This is the Grand Finale of the Extreme Zip Line Course! Bet your friends at who's the fastest in your bunch.

This dual racing zip line is a 1050' long race to the finish. You will need to tame your speed as you near the end of the course as the "Zip Stop" mechanism begins to catch you and slow you for final touch down atop the 7 story rappel tower. Next up, your 70 foot "Deus" rappel back down to Earth. If you're afraid of heights, don't look down now!!

The Tower

After landing at the 7 story tower you will leap off the tower and free fall 30 feet using the World's First “Flight Line” Free Fall Belay System! (The alternate option is to gradually descend using our True Blue / Deus belay device). High Fives, Fist Bumps and Smiles are in order. Roller Coasters will seem tame after this thrilling experience! Once you have finished the entire extreme course you will be shuttled back 2-3 miles to our base-camp location where we will have photos of your tour playing at the White Water Bar & Grill. Enjoy a cold beverage and a tasty meal to help you refuel for your next adventure! Rafting anyone?